About us

Design, extract, innovation
Nowhere are the critical eyes of our Research & Development team more keenly focused then when they are set upon their work. Devoted to quality, our members are not only able to eye a problem, also develop solutions that strike the issue at its core. Our commitment is to develop better products that will meet the demands of our users.
Through our exacting hiring standards, thorough training and participation in international technology exchanges, we have been able to create a leading class of research and development.
Our priority to recruit R&D members for high speed industrial sewing machine, enables us to constantly better our products, and our over all market competitiveness.

Honorable Recognition
Obtaining a“patent” is the most concrete step of the research and development process. Kaulin’s ability to do so has provided its most competitive e in the international market.  Carefully designed and developed product performance and their looks, have earned Kaulin its position in the global market.

The Art of Craftsmanship
From the earliest days of the portable bag closer machine, Kaulin has focused its ample abilities in research and development on mastering and innovating industrial sewing machines. In this, it has not only succeeded in creating a variety of products, but a series of strategies that have earned the company its leading role in this field. As for industrial sewing machines, life span of its every product exceeds over 10 years, and 5 years for production equipments. And high efficiency of research and development combining with high efficiency of automated rigid production equipments, is the ideal operating formula.
Kaulin presently produces 12 different lines of sewing machines, 129 different models, ranging from loopers and hooks to multiple needles and lockstitch machines. Despite this wide variety of designs, Kaulin has remained its desire to understand the market, understand the needs of its customers, to improve every component of its products, become the leading company in the field.

Uncompromised Commitment
“Mistake free work, flawless products” has always been Kaulin’s devotion, especially when it comes to materials purchases and final product test runs of our satellite factories. From raw materials to parts, from unrefined to refined process, every procedure has its own special meaning. Every single detail is monitored to ensure best quality of our products.
Every machine produced by Kaulin has its own unique identification number, checklist sheet, and test run cloth sample. After passing noise test, vibration test, temperature test, slip stitch test, ease stitch adjustment test, etc., the product is finally stamped to be a problem free, customer ready industrial use sewing machine. Sales services can also be offered through the product’s identification number after leaving the factory. Full customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal in service.

Locations to better service customers
Wherever the sewing industries are, that’s where we are! Kaulin brilliantly shifted its network of marketing services, established over 80 locations throughout the world. Over the past several years, Kaulin has increased its proportion of international clients to over 95 percent. Sales revenue had jumped from NTD 1.24B in 1994, to NTD 4.78B in 2007.
The Key of us adapting our strategy to the market, is in fact the coordination between production and the effectiveness of our R&D. That efficiency allows us to offer lower prices than Japanese competitors to our customers, thus to reach our targeted goals every year. Kaulin hopes to further unify the areas of sales and service, to work with our customers better than ever before.

Nuts and bolts to the Core
Kaulin knows that talented and dedicated employees are the core resources to each organizations and companies, so is a working environment, and a well-planned organization structure. Kaulin cares not only the quality of each employee, also the relationships and interactions of the entire company.
Kaulin has always invested time in providing our employees the best benefit package. A good comprehensive package helps to create a working environment where quality is paramount, and workers are satisfied knowing they are taken care of. Kaulin established Kaulin Professional Training Lab, to provide training programs to employees. We bring in renowned experts and educators from around the globe, to bring the newest information and techniques to our staff. It helps workers to strive and grow with the company.
Kaulin had reached a new high when a Professional Management system was brought in. It helped shape organization structure to the growth of the company, reach the perfect balance between labor force and product quality.

Global Vision, Future Palnning
With its thumb fixed firmly atop the pulse of international production, Kaulin is adopting an increasingly active approach toward the market- attempting to understand even better the needs of our customers- and creating research and development and strategies to fit. It’s pretty evident that European, American, Japanese companies are losing their abilities to compete due to their productivities. Low labor cost and strong after sales services are the deciding factors. Kaulin’s increasing use of computer technology will lead to full automation of assembly lines and an even higher benchmark of quality. Its development in the area of customer service will guarantee the most human applications of their technology. With the spirit of the new century, Kaulin will continue to grow with a scope as limitless as its own imagination.